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Aqeous Trainee Magic

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Aqeous Trainee Magic

Post by Caeluath Ruaelis on Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:23 pm

Taming - Through the learning of this spell you begin to gain some control over your element, in this case Water, allowing you to shape it to your will. A particular feature about how the water race control's their element is that they do not force their own will apon the water, the simply use it's own natural flow and change themselves to be able to bend and guide that flow.

Water Form - This spell is a spell learnt by most of the water race as one of their firsts. This spell changes the body of the user, growing gills, webbing in between the fingers and toes as well as giving fins at the elbows and the knees allowing them to slip through the water easily. The gills allow them to not only breath in water but they are able to breath the air as well. This spell was shared with them by the water dragons to allow the Race of water to swim freely with them. This spell does not require very much energy to initiate and can be maintained indefinitely as long as the caster is in water. The kinetic energy of the currents to fuel the spell allowing it very long sustainability at such a low level.

Water Drawing - A main weakness of all the Trainee water spells is that they require a certain quantity of water before they are able to be used. That is where this technique comes in, finding a pocket of water under the ground of by accumulating an certain amount from the moisture in the ground it is drawn to the surface to pool around the caster. This allows the caster to use most of their lower level spells. In the forest or a place with a large amount of plant life, then this spell draws up the water in the post that it is used. In a place with average plant life it is drawn up to the surface in the very next post. In an arid place, such as a desert, it appears at the surface after several posts putting user at a very large disadvantage.

Blind Sense - This technique is a rather strange creation, more of ability then a spell this spell was created from large amounts of time spent at the darkest depths of the ocean. In the water this ability allows the user to feel even the slightest vibration in the water pinpointing the general location of another person or form. Even being able to tell the general size of it. Outside the water the users of this technique have found this spell quite useful. Without closing ones eyes the user is always aware of somebody of something coming within five feet of their body, whether they have the ability to react to it is something different entirely, but when the user closes their eyes and concentrates they can feel the air currents around them, treating them just like the water currents they are so accustomed to they can tell if anything or anyone is within two hundred feet of them.

Water Walking - This Spell allows the user to walk across water as if it were solid ground. This power takes up next to nothing of the user's magical power to sustain, meaning that the user can walk almost as long as they want across the water's surface. The only trace that the user has passed over the water is a faint ripple with each step.

Water Coating - A layer of water raises from the source wrapping around the hand, this is a rather versatile spell. The trainee changes the shape and the density of the water, sometimes adding more water for higher density and pressure allowing it to become as had as steel. There are three common versions of this spell, one a dense thin layer of water on the hand strengthening the fist making it harder. A second is once again a thin dense layer of water, the water forming points at the tips of each fingers easily piercing the skin and flesh of the opponent, and the third version is a thin whip like strand of water allowing for attacks at a medium range.

Water Shot - Gathering a quantity of water out of the source the user raises the pressure of the water, before using the pent up force to shoot a stream of it at the opponent. At the Trainee level the force of the shot is enough to knock over even a rather large person. In times of serious danger the user of this spell will shape the water into a spike, the force sending the spike into the body of the opponent.

Flowing Shield - Gathering a large amount of water with their hands of the tip of their weapon they create an orb of water in front of them. The orb starts out the size of the users body but they condense it to make it harder changing it to about the size of their torso. This orb is now as strong as steel allowing the user to move it around to block incoming attacks but only if they are quick enough to do so. After much mental training the trainee is able to change the shape of the water with a simple hand movement, allowing them to make wider but thinner shields, also allowing them to change the shape of it so that they can shield and ally.

Minor Water Summon - With this spell the casters calls for the aid of a water creature. This creature is called a water sprite, playful creatures made of pure water by an unknown entity, able to freeze part or all of their body to form claws or teeth if needed. Their exact shape varies according to their whim but is limited to the size of a small animals such as birds or cats. They will aid the caster of this spell fiercely until the battle is over.

Calming Waters - The water around the user of this spell suddenly turns into steam, strangely this steam is cool and soothing rather then hot and irritating like regular steam. The steam spreads out to cover a hundred meter radius from the source of water. Within this area all anger, all negative thinking and all painful memories are eliminated. This is what allows the water race to survive for so long while not being the strongest of fighters, with this technique they bring peace to even the most ferocious of monsters. As they become more powerful this ability works beings of higher power as well.

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