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Kaze the fallen son Zeus

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Kaze the fallen son Zeus

Post by Kazekage1625 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:50 am

Name: Kaze short for Kazemensei

Age: 30 earth years

Race: Light (Heaven)

Height: 7 feet on earth. 12 feet on my home turf

Weight: 350 lbs

Weapon/s: Bromokai: the changing blade. a blade forged by Hephasteus to fit my needs of battle during the coflict. one of my most prized swords. Sherenpei: my secondary sword. more commonly seen now since Bromokai is a sword for great combat. Soul Punisher: elemental sword forged by Lloyd Waller. it is a sword made specifically for me. two others besides myself hold the power to use. those two are the forger(Waller) and the creator (Amrit). Heartstring of Zeus: My most prized sword used only as a last resort weapon. it gains power the longer i dont use it. it gets interesting after about 15 posts.

Magic:(will create some spells for my race later if accepted)

Dragons Name: Sugimaikon or Sugi

Dragons Picture: always look at the sig.

Number of posts : 1353
Age : 24
Location : in the heavens
Registration date : 2008-08-21

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