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Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:23 pm by Caeluath Ruaelis

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Lucan Birel

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Lucan Birel

Post by Lucan on Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:58 pm

Name: Lucan Birel.

Age: 12

Race: Slayer

Height: 4"8'

Weight: 90 lbs

Two daggers one holstered on each side of his hips.

A short sword strapped to the outside of his left leg under his knee.

Bracer of silence:
Arm bracers between his elbow and wrist with three spikes shooting out and back from the back of the bracers. The one closest to his wrist being 3 inches long, the middle one being five inches long the last one being seven inches. this is both defensive and offensive.
A button on top of his wrist to let the spring loaded blade extend from his elbows, the blade stops at the top of his shoulders, the sharp side of the blade is placed right above his skin when his arms are straight down and his hands are right his hips. . These weapons can be used as focus points for his energy.


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Re: Lucan Birel

Post by Caeluath Ruaelis on Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:23 pm

Approved for now

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