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Race and Species

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Race and Species

Post by Amrit on Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:05 am

Fire Race: Hot-headed and quick to battle, they are very versatile in battle but tend to lose themselves in it and can cause more damage by losing their control. They are the most skilled at making crafts. They are the only race capable of making magical weapons.

Water Race: Most knowledgeable, they tend to be calm and collected. But watch out when they let loose. They are the most excelled in healing. But donít let that fool you, their power can instantly turn as vicious as a hurricane with top knot winds.

Wind Race: Most excelled in fighting arts, they are prideful and quiet. They are usually open to new styles and are always trying to gets more people to join them to add more to their styles. They are the best at creating magical armor due to their deep insight and careful attention to detail.

Earth Race: Rugged and strong, they arenít the strongest in a magic fight, but their physic allows them to take more damage and keep going. This in turn makes them a tough *Cough* opponent. They are the best at assistance magic, such as strengthening spells, etc.

Dark Race: They donít have as much magic as the Water Race, but their spells can do immense damage with little magic. They can be cunning and tricking when trying to get their own way. They also tend to be ruthless in battle. Though donít like leaving survivors.

Light Race: They are very wise and listen more then they talk. They tend to stay secluded up on their floating Domain. They are the best at Summonings. And they use this in order to overpower their foes.

Slayer: These are people with no dragons. They instead use seals and energy to fight. It is said that they are the only people that can summon and control a behemoth. They are immune to magic but can still be injured by bending spells. Though, the magic wears off when it gets close so itís the thrust and element itself that does the damage. They are master armor and weapon smiths. It is said that a Slayer makes his first armor from his first slain dragon.

Behemoth: A Human and Dragon that had fused and mutated. Incapable of magic, it is like slayers, immune to magic and contains a very thick hide. They are not very smart though but they are very strong. Some are even known to be venomous.

I am the origional race look upon your ancestor and tremble, or look upon me and praise.


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