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Storyline (Finished)

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Storyline (Finished)

Post by Amrit on Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:37 am

Centuries ago, man was at their pinnacle in life and means of living. Technology was at its greatest and man was thought to be thriving when in fact, they were steadily killing the planet. Slowly, disease started to ravage them and the humans began to slowly die. Even with all of their technology and intellect, no cure could be found for this incurable disease known as the *Weeping Sickness*.

Over time, the humans began to collect into clusters around the planet, colonies of sick and dying beings. During this whole time, the dragons that inhabited this planet with the humans prospered unaffected by the Weeping Sickness. They had been watching the humans struggle and attempt any means possible to survive. The Matriarchs of each race of dragons had then decided to meet and together, they would call upon their gods for wisdom and assistance.

When they had collected on the holy ground of *Ryn Dimor*, the Matriarchs set forth with the *Pa’ah Ryn Trimad*. By combining their power, they called forth the Dragon Mother and Dragon Father and consulted them on how to help the humans. The Dragon Father known as Amrit spoke out saying that “It is their fault. Let the Mortals bask in their own pathetic mistakes. The planet has withered do to their selfish ways and is therefore better off without them. My children, you have long lived with this land and will long after the humans are gone. For you know the speech, you know the heart of the planet. Why is this so, because you are unselfish, for you think not of yourself, but of each other as a whole. And as long as the mortals keep their selfish ways, they could never hope to heal or even live in sync with this planet.”

But the Matriarchs were not settled with this answer and left Ryn Dimor to talk with their kind. They later returned again and performed the Pa’ah Ryn Trimad. Yet this time, Amrit refused to come to their conference and stayed in *Friteul Kein*. But the Mother was secretly concerned for the humans as much as the Matriarchs and decided to hear them again. They spoke for so long, but still, the Matriarchs could find no way to help the humans. They decided to call it quits and left Ryn Dimor in sorrow. Though, Mother could not bear to see her children weep in such a

manner and began to search on her own for an answer.

Finally, she had found one. The only way to save the Humans, and the planet was to connect the souls of both human, and dragon alike. Unfortunately, such a feat wasn’t easy, even for a god. Such a feat would demand a sacrifice, a sacrifice of divine proportions. So, on the day now known to the dragons as the *Himat Acri* Mother gave her life, her immortality and changed the land and all its creatures in an unbelievable way.

Humans began to heal from the Weeping Sickness and found that the world was changed, as well as themselves. It didn’t take long for the humans to realize the connection they now possessed with the celestial beings known as Dragons. But they soon became aware of the side-effects of this great gift as well.

First, the Dragons began to lose their sense of speech and with it, the secrets they held. It seemed that in order to contain the connection with the mortal humans, the dragons would have to give up a certain amount of their great abilities, one of them, being their outward speech. Now, few dragons are born with the ability of speech. Only those humans thought to be gifted seem bestowed with these exceptional dragons.

Second, some humans had a negative effect to the gift given by Mother. Instead of being cured and given the divine connection, they kept their deceitful ways. This extreme negative thinking caused a reversal of Mothers Divine Power. This in turn fused the humans and dragons together and mutated them into monstrous beasts known as Behemoths. Though strong and monstrous, their intellect was that of minimal and therefore, few were capable of the magic they once possessed.

Third, some humans seemed unable to connect with dragons. Instead, they were granted an essence of Mothers pure power. This in turn still cured them but also gave them peculiar powers as well. Since they were not bonded with the Dragons, they could not perform magic. But instead, they could use pure power to create seals and much more. In truth, without the connection and their receiving of only the pure power, or negative essence of Mother, they had become almost complete opposites of the Humans and Dragons with the connection. With this strange phenomenon, these Humans were immune to magic and were gifted with powers that were toxic to Dragons.

Amrit was furious, but full of sorrow at the loss of his beloved mate and decided that the mortals had been given their last chance. So, content that all would be fine and unwilling to interfere, Amrit sealed the gates to Friteul Kein. And from then on, the world was in the hands of its new inhabitants.

Over the centuries, the Humans and Dragons flourished. Just like the Dragons, the Humans began to split into groups according to their power and abilities. They split up the planet into Domains that would be ruled under each races Matriarch. And soon, the races prospered completely in the newly developed lands of:

Tempest Domain: This is a land controlled by the beings of fire. It’s vast supply of volcanoes and lava tubes make it a swell place for those who thrive in heat or those seeking a dangerous thrill. It is one of the most prosperous lands and known well for their unrivaled, delectable crops and crafts of such caliber that they are prized in every Domain. Tempests inhabitants are known for their constant pleasure in finding battle. They find extreme delight in holding tournaments and spars with each other or visitors, all in the need to prove their strength and power.

Aqueous Domain: Lands submerged in water, this place is known for its divine beauty and knowledgeable inhabitants. It is prone to chaotic storms and this breed’s strength into their blood. The inhabitants of Aqueous are known for their calm nature and positive thinking but even better known for their storm-like tempers and extremely large pools of magic. It is another of the most prosperous lands and is known best for its expansive library.

Mountain Domain: This Domain is amongst the hardest to reach. The villages and inhabitants lie at the tops of the merciless peeks. It is home to Nomads and Warriors devoted to the art of stealth. Though it does not possess any main source of trade, people come from far and wide in order to train and hone their skills here. Its high elevations and rough conditions make it a dangerous place. It is one of the most prosperous lands best known for its great crop of fighters.

Tunnel Domain: This is one of the most prosperous lands best known for its remarkable mines. The inhabitants are amongst the weakest in magic supply but make up for it in their physical attributes. Because their main source of currency is the metals and stones they dig up from their mines, the inhabitants spend a lot of time digging and sleeping underground. This in turn gives them immense strength and refined reflexes.

Midnight Domain: This is a land where light rarely shines. Its inhabitants are known best for their powerful magic. Though the inhabitants are unusually aggressive, they are quite powerful and well respected fighters. Some are honorable, but others, have let the darkness take hold of them. They tend to be the root of most battles and wars between the many races.

Heaven Domain: This is a land that floats in the sky. They as well, were known for their powerful magic. But centuries of solitude and the little necessity for using magic, made the crop of powerful fighters produced, slim to none. They have lost most of their magic and knowledge of spells over the long time in the sky but are still revered for their occasional fighter.

Waste Lands Domain: This is where Slayers, those gifted with the abilities to use seals were driven to. This land is a harsh desert with little food, and less water. The Slayers thrive as well as they can while swearing destruction upon the Humans gifted with Dragons.

Now, in the present, wars rage constantly between each Domain. Slayers threaten the borders of each race while just as dangerous foes lurk within the shadows. Each race now struggles to gain power above the other. Now, attacks rage upon their neighbors is a constant occurrence. But suddenly, Amrit appeared after so long, and brought a new variable with him. He had brought with him, rare artifacts of the gods. He had decided to aid those who were strong enough to wield his power.

Now, not only is each Domain struggling with battles and deceit, they await the Fathers Tournaments.

Weeping Sickness- A disease that causes the dehydration of the body through excessive excreting of bodily fluids. The skin shrivels and dries out causing extreme pain and deformity of the body.

Ryn Dimor- (Rin Day-More) Means Dragon Divide. It's holy ground for all dragons and is said to be a well for magic.

Pa'ah Ryn Trimad- (Paw-Awe Rin Tray-Mod) Means Ancient Dragon Ritual. Takes the Matriarch from every race of dragons to cast.

Friteul Kein- (Fray-Two-L Ku-Ain) Means Fruitful Lands. Is the home of the Dragon Gods. It's said that this place is the most beautiful and holy place in existance.

Himat Acri- (Hay-mawt Awe-Cray) Means Mothers Gift. Is the day that Mother restored life and changed life forever.

I am the origional race look upon your ancestor and tremble, or look upon me and praise.


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