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Zyr Taoreta ( The Fallen Sun)

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Zyr Taoreta ( The Fallen Sun)

Post by Zyr Taoreta on Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:00 am

Name: Zyr Taoreta


Dark race


80 lbs


Zyr is the son on Makkuro Taoreta. A few days after Zyr was born his father's Scythe was sealed to him. Zyr's childhood was not a easy one. his father had him constantly training in both magic and hand to hand combat. To him it seamed training never ended, but in the end all the training helped him. On Zyr's 12th birthday his father attacked him, it seamed it was a ritual for the first born of the Taoreta family to kill his father on his 12th birthday to be truly recognized as a man by his family. The kill was simple with all the training he had gone through over the years Zyr was easily able to overtake his father.

Zyr for the most part is a cold hearted person, he will do everything in his power to kill the people in his way. There are few people who know the true zyr, when he is not angered or upset they are the few people he will truly call "his friend." Around those few select people Zyr is a much kinder person, he will do anything and everything in his power to protect those few people...even if it costs him his life.


Name:Shokei Shimasu (Execute)
Description: Shokei Shimasu is a black scythe Sealed to the first born child by his father. The seal makes it so no one but that one person can use it in battle. The scythe is highly powered in dark magic and is some what a "Conscience" but instead of trying to tell him to do good things, it gives him ideas of different evil things he should do. Only people who are or have been previously "Sealed" to this weapon can hear it speak. If anyone but the sealed user try's to use this Scythe sharp dark tendrils will be released from the handle of it into the person's hand slicing them and then absorbing the blood into it.

Shadow Blades: Shadow(s) begin to surround the blade of the scythe, after a few moments the wielder of the blade will cut at the air and send the shadows(s) flying at the opponent as sharp thin blades at high speeds. the incantation for it is; "gather around my blade and slice anyone in my way"

Poison Cut: A thin darkish purple glow will surround the blade and when(/if) a slice is landed on the opponent a poison will be released into there blood stream causing them to become slower and there spells to become weaker. (The poison lasts 3 posts) The incantation for this spell is; "Poison my enemy and bring them to there knees at my presence"


Name:Revenge of the dead
Level stage:1
Description:A Trainee of
the Midnight race has the ability to summon a dead animal from the
afterlife and bring it back. It is never any bigger than a tiger or
bear sized animal and cant sustain alot of hits since they always come
back in the skeletal form.(break apart after 5 posts)

Name:Hidden Blades
Level stage:1
Trainee of the Midnight race can call upon his own shadow to aid him.
The shadow stretches over the hands and fingers of the user to form
deadly claws. These claws however don't last long as the user is not
strong enough to hold his own shadow there for an infinite amount of
time. (Returns to your normal shadow after 5 posts)

Name:Horrid Mutilation

Trainee of the Midnight race can call upon the strange powers of his
race, and mutilate a small part of his body to avoid an attack, then
make it normal again after the move is avoided. This can sometimes be
so horrid to the opponent that they are paralyzed with fear. (If
opponent hit is evaded at close range opponent is stunned for 1 post.)

Zyr Taoreta
Zyr Taoreta

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Re: Zyr Taoreta ( The Fallen Sun)

Post by Amrit on Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:12 am


I am the origional race look upon your ancestor and tremble, or look upon me and praise.


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