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Noctis Luciem

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Noctis Luciem

Post by Noctis Luciem on Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:19 am

Name: Noctis Luciem

Age: 10

Race: Fire

Height: 4'5
Weight: 70lb


Name: Howling Wolves
Type: Gun
These are two guns only meant for Noctis.The Howling Wolves seem to be two ornamental guns, with one that appears to be longer than the other.These guns have the ability to shoot out beams made of compressed energy and heat.The beams have the ability to fry just about anything that gets in its way.Unfortunately,the guns will release the amount of energy belonging to the user.

Name: Lone Wolf
Type: Sword
The lone wolf is a blade that belongs to Noctis.This sword contains a massive amount of energy and strength.Made from a special type of metal,the Lone Wolf can cut through weaker metal as if they were paper.An ability belonging to the blade is teleportation.If Noctis is away from the blade,it can teleport to him and he can teleport to it.

Magic: (Will Do Later)

Noctis Luciem

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Re: Noctis Luciem

Post by Caeluath Ruaelis on Fri Jul 31, 2009 12:23 pm

Approved for now

Caeluath Ruaelis

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