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Serpanok Mara, The One With Fire

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Serpanok Mara, The One With Fire

Post by Serpanok Mara on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:00 am

Name: Serpanok Mara

Age: 16

Race: Fire

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150

Weapon/s: Swords

Magic: Lava Purge - You completely cleanse your body as a red aura surrounds you, healing minor injuries and removing any ailments.

Dragon Dance - Using your fighting skills, you create fire that moves like it is alive, taking various animal shapes.
Incantation: Draco Maku Tai

Pyrokinesis - Using your high intelligence, you focus your mind to set your foe ablaze.

Rage of Aries - Using war like power, you punch and kick your foe with black fire engulfing your hands and feet.
Incantation: Aries Toku Maji

Artemis Calling - Using your very essence, you create a weapon, made of flaming steel, that is rivaled only by the goddess of combat, Artemis.
Incantation: Godus Exodus

Fire Mirror - Absorb your foes force and sue it against them. Like the old saying, fighting fire with fire.

Scorch Burst - Fire quick and wild blasts of flame that stun your foe.
Incantation: Blaza Giga Delta

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Serpanok Mara
Serpanok Mara

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Re: Serpanok Mara, The One With Fire

Post by Amrit on Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:56 am

Serp, I need you to add more description to your spells. And add some incantations. As well as your dragon in your sig. It has o go, for now, sorry.

I am the origional race look upon your ancestor and tremble, or look upon me and praise.


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Re: Serpanok Mara, The One With Fire

Post by Caeluath Ruaelis on Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:44 pm

I am sorry to say this serp but these three spells seem a little powerful for trainee level

Magic: Dragon's Will - Using the breathe of Amrit, you burn your foe alive with golden flames that spread out, leaving nothing but ash.
Incantation: Godus Omega Pyris

Consuming Prometheus - Using flames of a Titan, you send out a wave of fire that seems to consume everything, countering any spell.
Incantation: Godus Titanus Blaza

Blaze Torrent - You create a tornado of flames that burn every weapon or attack made against you.
Incantation: Pyris Beta Tempest

If you might be able to tone them down to fit the trainee power level then I will be able to approve you

Caeluath Ruaelis

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Re: Serpanok Mara, The One With Fire

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