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Rampaging River

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Rampaging River

Post by Amrit on Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:08 am

This is the main source of fresh water in the Aqeous Domain. The inhabitants of Aqeous train their strength and endurance on and in this viscious river.

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Re: Rampaging River

Post by Caeluath Ruaelis on Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:40 am

His physical strength was not his forte, that was why he had to endure this training. He ran his heart out towards the river already late for his class. He was mortified that he needed to do this class, as it was usually done only for the children, but he had been told that each of the guardians of the staffs had to do the exact same thing. There were never as strong as the others, but they were always respected for their knowledge and wisdom.

He reached the river quickly taking off his bag putting it down in a rock at the side of the river. Next he undid the tie around his robe shrugging the heave rob off his shoulders. Under his robe he had only a pair of shorts and a thin shirt on. He pulled the shirt off revealing his thin and almost feminine like body. He ran towards the water diving in, just before he his the water there was a flash of blue light as at the elbow and the knee green blue fins, gills formed on the neck and webbing grew between the fingers and the toes. He began to swim against the current using it to fuel his spell as he tried to train his strength in the water.

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